Lithium polymer battery is engaged in designing and manufacturing various high performance rechargeable batteries and chargers.

As the rechargeable battery is becoming the trend of the future, Lithium polymer battery’s high performance rechargeable batteries are designed for portable electric products and communication devices, and combined with a professional battery charger, provide a convenient, cost-effective battery

Lithium polymer battery largely replaced the previous nickel-metal hydride batteries. It’s using in more and more digital products in our lives. Digital products on the individual requirements of lithium polymer batteries stimulated the creation of China manufacturer inspiration. In addition to traditional digital products, new applications of lithium polymer battery is also continually expanding.

Lithium polymer battery in agriculture
Animal food device, fertilization, fertilizer, fish feeding device, irrigation

Lithium polymer battery in automotive equipment

Car alam, car stereo, eCall solution, oil injection, vehicle tracking, car key, car lighting, key lights, removeable flashlight…

Lithium polymer battery in communication

Bluetooth headset, cellular phones, cordless phones, handy terminal, mobile phones, modems, pagers, personal digital assistants(PDA), personal mobile radias(PMR), satellite phones, smart phones, walkie-talkie…

Lithium polymer battery in consumer

Alarm system, aquarium food devices, bicycle computer, birdcage feeders, CD players, consumer device, digital cameras, electronic calculators, electronic database, electronic games, home security station, intelligent toys, laser pointers, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, music greeting cards, digital photo albums, portable DVDs, remote control, scent dispensers, shavers, solar application, watches, bike lights, flashlights, head lamps, mini flashlights(LED), rechargeable torchlights, scuba lights, solar lights, hearing aids…

Lithium polymer battery in industrial

Clock modules, dispensers, display feed units, fuel cells, jack lifter systems, lubrication, lubricator point of sales(POS), scanne (bar code readers), sensing timers, timer systems, vaccination emergency lights, protable lighting work lights, memory back-up(MBU), real time clock(RTC)…

Lithium polymer battery in medical

Automatic pipette, blood pressure devices, blood sugar indicators, body fat monitors, dosing system, insulin pump, thermometers, veterinary medicines…

Lithium polymer battery in metering

Analysis, data collectors, electricity meters, energy harvesting backup, gas meters, GPS terminal, heat cost allocators, heat meters, measurement portable sensors, road-toll transponders, sensors, sensor networks, smoke detetors, water meters…

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Lithium ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery Applications

Lithium ion Polymer rechargeable batteries are used for wireless communication products and portable IT products, and are characteristically lighter, thinner and smaller, have high energy, long cycle life and are usable under extreme temperature conditions. Li poly batteries meet these needs with diverse product models to comply with the changing demand of our customers. Feature low internal resistance and high capacity. Our major product types are consumer and for RC use batteries. Due to its special Battery formulation and manufacturing processes, diverse production lines, products and services, combined with proprietary battery chargers and related electrical application products, Lithium polymer battery has earned both recognition and reputation in the market.

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