3V Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Cell Summarized Specification

No. model voltage capacity  diameter thickness weight
1 CR927 3.0V 32mAh 9.5mm 2.7mm 0.7g
2 CR1025 3.0V 30mAh 10.5mm 2.5mm 0.6g
3 CR1130 3.0V 40mAh 11.6mm 3.0mm 1.0g
4 CR1212 3.0V 20mAh 12.5mm 1.2mm 0.6g
5 CR1216 3.0V 24mAh 12.5mm 1.6mm 0.7g
6 CR1220 3.0V 36mAh 12.5mm 2.0mm 0.8g
7 CR1225 3.0V 50mAh 12.5mm 2.5mm 0.9g
8 CR1616 3.0V 55mAh 16.0mm 1.6mm 1.2g
9 CR1620 3.0V 70mAh 16.0mm 2.0mm 1.3g
10 CR1625 3.0V 85mAh 16.0mm 2.5mm 1.8g
11 CR1632 3.0V 120mAh 16.0mm 3.2mm 2.3g
12 CR2016 3.0V 80mAh 20.0mm 1.6mm 1.7g
13 CR2025 3.0V 170mAh 20.0mm 2.5mm 2.4g
14 CR2032 3.0V 220mAh 20.0mm 3.2mm 3.0g
15 CR2330 3.0V 260mAh 23.0mm 3.0mm 4.0g
18 CR2354 3.0V 560mAh 23.0mm 5.4mm 5.8g
19 CR2430 3.0V 300mAh 24.5mm 3.0mm 4.5g
20 CR2450 3.0V 630mAh 24.5mm 5.0mm 6.5g
21 CR2477 3.0V 1000mAh 24.5mm 7.7mm 9.5g
22 CR3032 3.0V 550mAh 30.0mm 3.2mm 6.8g

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