2018 Lipo Battery 3.7V

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The picture on the left is the finished polymer battery of our company. LP664261 3.7V 1800mAh with protection circuit and 50mm lead wire is our standard type.

Lithium Polymer Battery List

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No. model voltage capacity  thickness width length
1 LP151429 3.7V 20mAh 1.5mm 14mm 29mm
2 LP302016 3.7V 35mAh 3mm 20mm 16mm
3 LP281323 3.7V 38mAh 2.8mm 13mm 23mm
4 LP301130 3.7V 55mAh 3mm 11mm 30mm
5 LP451124 3.7V 65mAh 4.5mm 11mm 24mm
6 LP451418 3.7V 68mAh 4.5mm 14mm 18mm
7 LP501221 3.7V 80mAh 5mm 12mm 21mm
8 LP501321 3.7V 80mAh 5mm 13mm 21mm
9 LP502016 3.7V 80mAh 5mm 20mm 16mm
10 LP271424 3.7V 80mAh 2.7mm 14mm 24mm
11 LP302220 3.7V 80mAh 3mm 22mm 20mm
12 LP251244 3.7V 80mAh 2.5mm 12mm 44mm
13 LP381522 3.7V 80mAh 3.8mm 15mm 22mm
14 LP531124 3.7V 85mAh 5.3mm 11mm 24mm
15 LP551124 3.7V 85mAh 5.5mm 11mm 24mm
16 LP401130 3.7V 85mAh 4mm 11mm 30mm
17 LP371030 3.7V 85mAh 3.7mm 10mm 30mm
18 LP531124 3.7V 85mAh 5.3mm 11mm 24mm
19 LP351125 3.7V 90mAh 3.5mm 11mm 25mm
20 LP501223 3.7V 90mAh 5mm 12mm 23mm
21 LP501323 3.7V 90mAh 5mm 13mm 23mm
22 LP451225 3.7V 90mAh 4.5mm 12mm 25mm
23 LP222036 3.7V 95mAh 2.2mm 20mm 36mm
24 LP401230 3.7V 100mAh 4mm 12mm 30mm
25 LP501622 3.7V 100mAh 5mm 16mm 22mm
26 LP301730 3.7V 100mAh 3mm 17mm 30mm
27 LP602016 3.7V 100mAh 6mm 20mm 16mm
28 LP242030 3.7V 100mAh 2.4mm 20mm 30mm
29 LP202235 3.7V 100mAh 2mm 22mm 35mm
30 LP371134 3.7V 100mAh 3.7mm 11mm 34mm
31 LP451620 3.7V 100mAh 4.5mm 16mm 20mm
32 LP531027 3.7V 100mAh 5.3mm 10mm 27mm
33 LP751623 3.7V 100mAh 7.5mm 16mm 23mm
34 LP431230 3.7V 105mAh 4.3mm 12mm 30mm
35 LP351429 3.7V 105mAh 3.5mm 14mm 29mm
36 LP302024 3.7V 105mAh 3mm 20mm 24mm
37 LP381137 3.7V 105mAh 3.8mm 11mm 37mm
38 LP381235 3.7V 110mAh 3.8mm 12mm 35mm
39 LP401428 3.7V 115mAh 4mm 14mm 28mm
40 LP251642 3.7V 115mAh 2.5mm 16mm 42mm
41 LP501622 3.7V 115mAh 5mm 16mm 22mm
42 LP501622 3.7V 115mAh 5mm 16mm 22mm
43 LP531130 3.7V 120mAh 5.3mm 11mm 30mm
44 LP261634 3.7V 120mAh 2.6mm 16mm 34mm
45 LP561124 3.7V 120mAh 5.6mm 11mm 24mm
46 LP361635 3.7V 120mAh 3.6mm 16mm 35mm
47 LP411129 3.7V 120mAh 4.1mm 11mm 29mm
48 LP361730 3.7V 125mAh 3.6mm 17mm 30mm
49 LP501230 3.7V 130mAh 5mm 12mm 30mm
50 LP401235 3.7V 130mAh 4mm 12mm 35mm
51 LP401429 3.7V 130mAh 4mm 14mm 29mm
52 LP381630 3.7V 130mAh 3.8mm 16mm 30mm
53 LP302030 3.7V 130mAh 3mm 20mm 30mm
54 LP601130 3.7V 135mAh 6mm 11mm 30mm
55 LP481922 3.7V 135mAh 4.8mm 19mm 22mm
56 LP302225 3.7V 135mAh 3mm 22mm 25mm
57 LP302225 3.7V 135mAh 3mm 22mm 25mm
58 LP302225 3.7V 135mAh 3mm 22mm 25mm
59 LP451235 3.7V 140mAh 4.5mm 12mm 35mm
60 LP391630 3.7V 140mAh 3.9mm 16mm 30mm
61 LP401630 3.7V 140mAh 4mm 16mm 30mm
62 LP222248 3.7V 140mAh 2.2mm 22mm 48mm
63 LP501128 3.7V 140mAh 5mm 11mm 28mm
64 LP253026 3.7V 145mAh 2.5mm 30mm 26mm
65 LP651130 3.7V 150mAh 6.5mm 11mm 30mm
66 LP601622 3.7V 150mAh 6mm 16mm 22mm
67 LP651622 3.7V 150mAh 6.5mm 16mm 22mm
68 LP401730 3.7V 150mAh 4mm 17mm 30mm
69 LP452024 3.7V 150mAh 4.5mm 20mm 24mm
70 LP332726 3.7V 150mAh 3.3mm 27mm 26mm
71 LP421133 3.7V 150mAh 4.2mm 11mm 33mm
72 LP671723 3.7V 150mAh 6.7mm 17mm 23mm
73 LP701220 3.7V 150mAh 7mm 12mm 20mm
74 LP253030 3.7V 150mAh 2.5mm 30mm 30mm
75 LP371735 3.7V 150mAh 3.7mm 17mm 35mm
76 LP381340 3.7V 150mAh 3.8mm 13mm 40mm
77 LP501235 3.7V 155mAh 5mm 12mm 35mm
78 LP501429 3.7V 155mAh 5mm 14mm 29mm
79 LP631622 3.7V 155mAh 6.3mm 16mm 22mm
80 LP382024 3.7V 155mAh 3.8mm 20mm 24mm
81 LP402225 3.7V 155mAh 4mm 22mm 25mm
82 LP402225 3.7V 155mAh 4mm 22mm 25mm
83 LP411435 3.7V 157mAh 4.1mm 14mm 35mm
84 LP401438 3.7V 160mAh 4mm 14mm 38mm
85 LP352030 3.7V 160mAh 3.5mm 20mm 30mm
86 LP402024 3.7V 165mAh 4mm 20mm 24mm
87 LP651230 3.7V 170mAh 6.5mm 12mm 30mm
88 LP551235 3.7V 170mAh 5.5mm 12mm 35mm
89 LP451630 3.7V 170mAh 4.5mm 16mm 30mm
90 LP401734 3.7V 170mAh 4mm 17mm 34mm
91 LP362726 3.7V 170mAh 3.6mm 27mm 26mm
92 LP322431 3.7V 170mAh 3.2mm 24mm 31mm
93 LP253030 3.7V 175mAh 2.5mm 30mm 30mm
94 LP333026 3.7V 175mAh 3.3mm 30mm 26mm
95 LP341446 3.7V 175mAh 3.4mm 14mm 46mm
96 LP401250 3.7V 180mAh 4mm 12mm 50mm
97 LP401834 3.7V 180mAh 4mm 18mm 34mm
98 LP352036 3.7V 180mAh 3.5mm 20mm 36mm
99 LP382036 3.7V 180mAh 3.8mm 20mm 36mm
100 LP352131 3.7V 180mAh 3.5mm 21mm 31mm
101 LP302730 3.7V 180mAh 3mm 27mm 30mm
102 LP302724 3.7V 180mAh 3mm 27mm 24mm
103 LP412030 3.7V 180mAh 4.1mm 20mm 30mm
104 LP541631 3.7V 180mAh 5.4mm 16mm 31mm
105 LP601235 3.7V 190mAh 6mm 12mm 35mm
106 LP601429 3.7V 190mAh 6mm 14mm 29mm
107 LP451636 3.7V 190mAh 4.5mm 16mm 36mm
108 LP451730 3.7V 190mAh 4.5mm 17mm 30mm
109 LP401736 3.7V 190mAh 4mm 17mm 36mm
110 LP382030 3.7V 190mAh 3.8mm 20mm 30mm
111 LP402030 3.7V 190mAh 4mm 20mm 30mm
112 LP392036 3.7V 190mAh 3.9mm 20mm 36mm
113 LP372624 3.7V 190mAh 3.7mm 26mm 24mm
114 LP801622 3.7V 200mAh 8mm 16mm 22mm
115 LP501730 3.7V 200mAh 5mm 17mm 30mm
116 LP351745 3.7V 200mAh 3.5mm 17mm 45mm
117 LP601825 3.7V 200mAh 6mm 18mm 25mm
118 LP291558 3.7V 200mAh 2.9mm 15mm 58mm
119 LP302535 3.7V 200mAh 3mm 25mm 35mm