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Rechargeable Lipo Battery Manufacturer

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Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries, Evolving from Lithium-ion batteries. Rechargeable lipo battery’ advantage are low cost, utility, durability and flexibility. A Lithium-polymer battery can be shaped to fit in an array of devices. Using a rechargeable lipo battery allows the manufacturer to shape the battery in essentially any way they like. 

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Lipo Battery Manufacturer From China

China Lipo Battery manufacturer LiPoly Batteries Co., Ltd, More than 1700+ different sizes models of rechargeable lipo battery made by LiPoly Batteries Co., Ltd, OEM/ODM battery support, custom lipo battery packs.



High-Tech Member

Member of high-tech enterprises specializing in R&D and manufacturing rechargeable Lipo Battery in Shenzhen of China.



What We Care

Focusing on development, manufacture Lipo Battery, rechargeable Lipo battery packs.



Elite Team

An elite team with more than 10 years’ experience in rechargeable lipo battery technology, production, quality control and marketing.




Used for industrial, medical & wearable device power applications to support their portable power needs.




Rechargeable Lipo Battery providing first-class, safe and environment-friendly clean energy solutions to our consumers.



Our Goals

Aim to become a large group enterprise with great fame both in China and abroad in the near future.

200mAh Battery Used For LED Fishing Rod
200mAh Battery Used For LED Fishing Rod

200mAh Battery Used For LED Fishing Rod  The LED fishing Rod is matched with a 200mah polymer lithium battery. It can be used continuously for 12 hours on a single charge. The led light is long lasting and soft, it is the best partner for outdoor night fishing...

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900mAh Battery LP472267 Used For Digital Tire Gauge
900mAh Battery LP472267 Used For Digital Tire Gauge

3.7 V Li Ion Battery 900mAh 3.33 Wh Used For Digital Tire Gauge A reliable and accurate digital tire pressure gauge can help you maintain optimal safety while on the road.With 900mAh lipo battery life is longer than before, it is out of your imagination. One...

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3.7 V 700mAh Battery Used For Headlamp
3.7 V 700mAh Battery Used For Headlamp

Lithium Ion Battery 3.7 V 700mAh LP101552 Used For Headlamp Lightweight, waterproof, form-fitting comfort, USB rechargeable and multi-purpose optics. The future of headlamps is here.With battery li ion 3.7 v 700mah, it saves the user from buying 1144...

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2600mah battery used for Breast Pumps
2600mah battery used for Breast Pumps

2600mah battery used for Breast Pumps Developed by mums, for mums, the TailorMade Pro is a revolutionary breast pump system that truly solves problems encountered by mums, For seasoned mums, it offers unparalleled comfort and saves time. For first-time mums,...

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850mAh 3.7V Battery used for Electric Screwdriver
850mAh 3.7V Battery used for Electric Screwdriver

  850mAh Lipo Battery used for Electric Screwdriver An electric screwdriver is a tool for installing and removing screws. It is mainly replaced by an electric motor. It is usually a combination screwdriver with various shapes of screwdriver heads.A good helper of...

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Rechargeable Lipo Battery Advantages

Shop our huge selections today and power up your device with rechargeable lithium polymer energy in easy way. Rechargeable Lipo Battery are trustworthy and is your wise choice. Have any question pls feel free to contact.

lower self – discharge

Comparing nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride cells is that the rate of self-discharge is much lower.

Easy to use

Rechargeable Li-polymer battery can be used for virtually any application. With varying amperages, shapes, sizes, easy to find a lithium-polymer battery for whatever device you need.


Our Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery is safe with Japan IC+MOS & compact shape. Custom lead wire length and connector JST, Molex support.


Rechargeable Lipo Battery Perfect Features:

  • 1700+ models Rechargeable Lipo Battery in capacities & dimensions
  • High energy density Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Rechargeable Lipo Battery has a Long life cycle of charging & discharging, more than 500 cycles
  • Rechargeable Lipo Battery Enhanced safety with Japan IC & MOS protectors
  • Thinner / slim design & lighter weight with aluminum-plastic composite
  • OEM & ODM services for special size of Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Rechargeable Lipo Battery Easy to assemble with mounted connectors (Molex, Tyco and so on)
  • Rigorous testing to ensure the quality of all Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries

Will the expansion of the Rechargeable Lipo Battery battery affect your mechanical design?

Rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries will expand slightly during charging.Will it affect your mechanical design?
Don’t worry about these.
Because all Rechargeable Lipo Battery we Manufacturer have reasonable tolerances:
Thickness tolerances is ± 0.3mm,
length is ± 1.0mm,
width is ± 0.5mm.
Moreover, the expansion usually only affects the thickness of the Rechargeable Lipo Battery, and is within our allowable range.This means that the thickness tolerance is ± 0.3mm (the maximum tolerance is ± 0.5mm), which is the expansion range.

Can the Rechargeable lipo battery be certified for special requirements, such as IEC62133 /MSDS?

Yes, medium and large projects can obtain additional Rechargeable Lipo Battery certification, but it takes more time and effort.
Please discuss your personal requirements with your Rechargeable LiPo battery representative. We will give you various information about specific Rechargeable lipo battery certification

How to order Rechargeable Lipo Battery and request for Rechargeable Lipo Battery quotation, lead time ?

Tell us by e-mail the quantity you want to order Rechargeable Lipo Battery.The Rechargeable Lipoly Battery price depends on the quantity of your order.We also accept small Rechargeable Lipo Battery orders for companies or new projects during the startup phase.

Get answers before ordering Rechargeable Lipo Battery. Whether it is the Rechargeable Lipo Battery quotation or specifications of our Rechargeable lithium battery, we can rely for quick follow-up.Shop on the website ,or sending you the invoice on the PayPal.

Lead time
The regular lead time of Rechargeable lithium polymer battery sample or small Rechargeable Lipo Battery order is 3-5 working days.

UPS/DHL/FedEx Door to Door.

Lipo Battery Warranty?

Within 90 days from the date of purchase, the product warranty is limited to original defects in materials and workmanship.
The warranty is indeed.It does not cover collateral damage, abuse, abuse, wrong charging and other improper use of this product.